Our natural

Our natural "Bharlev " fresh juices

The best fruits for the best juice

Throughout the seasons, the best fruits are selected in all producing countries (South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Brazil…).

From their delivery, the citrus fruits are transported in cooled trucks and are kept in a cold room below 2°C in order to maintain the cold chain.

Before pressed, the citrus fruits are carefully selected.

Flawed fruits are put aside while the selected fruits are washed and brushed. Cleared from impurities they are then ready to be pressed !

All of these steps are managed by qualified staff, this makes "Bharlev"s’ expertise!


The juice is extracted from the fruits’ core, and this, fruit after fruit. Thus, the juice separates from the fruit, while protecting the outer atmosphere.

Then we partly separate it from its pulp… just enough to make it perfectly natural to your palate.

Perfectly balanced, the juice is ready to be bottled.